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Welcome. We are UIMA. An association for music agencies. The COVID-pandemic brought us together and made us join forces. Not the first association to be established, but working for the independent artist with an eye on the broad picture. Our members are based in the Netherlands and working on the European scene, sometimes worldwide.

We spread know-how and best practices amongst our members to strengthen ourselves for what is to come and to broaden the base, for solidarity is the way forward. 

From the start of the lockdown there have been regular online meetings between the founders of UIMA to discuss urgent matters facing our industry. This resulted in a successful national campaign ‘Liefde voor Muziek’ (For the love of music), where the whole of the Dutch music industry united to show our political leaders that a very important ecosystem in our economy is threatened in its existence. We have delivered a petition to the Minister of Culture (60.000 signatories) and advocated new means of support. In the meantime we joined the ‘Popcoalitie’, a coalition of the main industry players who discuss current issues and advise the government.

For us this meant we’ve had to unite ourselves in more appropriate form and so we started UIMA. Within our association our main focus is on:

  • Sharing best practices and developments: as a peer-to-peer platform we collect (with input from our members) info on current rules, regulations and anticipate on future measures. We share best practices and experiences. You can ask us anything regarding the industry. We use this to strengthen our voice.


  • Harmonizing rules and regulations: establishing a structure in which artists are able to tour again. Predictable and straightforward. Throughout Europe.


  • Creating input for the Pop Coalition: your experience helps us to show the effects of (government) policy and creates opportunity to demand change.


  • Consultation on all COVID-related measures.


Are you an agent based in the Netherlands and working mostly across the border? Then UIMA will work for you. Interested in membership, please contact us on info@uima.org


The current board is made up by: Jeroen van den Bogert (BLiP Agency, chairman), Dion Verbeek (Octopus Agents, treasurer), Jurjen Mooiweer (Good Music Company, secretary), Jerome Williams (Earth Beat, general board member), Gijs Cals (Sedate Bookings, general board member)

Liefde Voor Muziek

Liefde Voor Muziek” (For The Love Of Music) is a special campaign set up by United Independent Music Agencies (UIMA) during the Covid-19 crisis. Its aim is to unite the complete Dutch Live music industry from the biggest companies to the self made crew members and to collectively flag the severe threat that the current crisis means to the future of live music in the Netherlands and in Europe.

“Liefde Voor Muziek” is a positive call for solidarity, a push for robust governmental support and a request for a constructive exit strategy out of the crisis. Liefde Voor Muziek combines a petition with a wide range of activities and concerts on National media and the internet.


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