United Independent Music Agencies (UIMA) was formed in April 2020 in the early days of the COVID-pandemic, to collectively face the storm of the crisis and proactively work towards a new future in the live music industry. Our members are Music Agencies based in the Netherlands that operate on a European and/or worldwide scale.

UIMA is foremost artist centric and has a progressive drive and long term vision towards a more fair, diverse and green music industry. We share experience, know-how and exchange visions to grow and develop to be equipped for what is to come and to broaden the base. Alliance and solidarity in independence is the way forward.

UIMA keeps track of trends and developments and discusses urgent matters facing our constantly changing industry. We are part of Dutch stakeholders organisations like a.o. De Popcoalitie, De Creatieve Coalitie and we aim to take an active role in the dialogue between the music industry and our government. At the beginning of the pandemic UIMA successfully launched Liefde Voor Muziek and united the full spectrum of the Dutch music industry professionals and music fans to make a statement and handed over 60000 autographs to our government in a shout for support and to not let live music go down in the crisis.

We have developed a green artist rider, a flow chart on how to tackle the complications of touring after Brexit and keep track of the changes in regulations and support measures affecting our businesses and industry.

We invite internationally operating music agencies based in the Netherlands to join us. Please contact info@uima.org for inquiries.


The current UIMA board is made up by: Jeroen van den Bogert (BLiP Agency, chairman), Luuk van Gestel (Doomstar Bookings treasurer) Manuela de Jong-Budimilic (Ad Sound, general board member), Jurjen Mooiweer (Good Music Company, secretary), Gijs Cals (Sedate Bookings, general board member).