Europe Wide Train Network


All booking agencies, promoters and management companies please sign our pledge here to build a coalition that can request change in Brussels.


Cultural exchange is vital to Europe’s sense of unity and understanding of one another. To accommodate that,  the live music industry is reliant on mobility, which at the moment mostly means air travel.
We, the live music industry, make an urgent plea for a Europe wide well-connected and reliable (high-speed) rail network to maintain the flow of art on our continent in the wake of the ongoing climate crisis.

Artist Rail Pass
Many of us grew up with the Interrail/EUrail pass, an adventurous way of exploring Europe. Currently train travel is expensive and more time consuming than flying on most routes. It’s time for a similar pass for artists, and their crew to build a sustainable European live music industry. This pass will apply to the following:

– A set amount of travel days per month within Europe for a set fee
– Flexible upgrading/downgrading
– Flexible dates
– Inclusive of high-speed rail
– Europe wide booking system

Development of network
As our industry relies on tight schedules and budgets, multiple day travel is rarely an option. As an extension of the Artist Rail Pass we are asking for a robust expansion of high-speed rail between European hubs, main cities and capitals, including a special focus on the regions that have a less developed rail network. As our industry works months, sometimes years, in advance we need to know the logistical possibilities in good time. As such we request a centralized booking system that offers e-tickets and  the possibility to book at least 9 months ahead. Also an option to safely store instruments and gear.

What we have to offer
Artists play an influential role in the eyes of their fans and often share insights into their day-to-day life on social media. A train travel pass for artists inspires fans to make similar conscientious travel decisions, promoting railway travel.

To whom this is addressed + goals
The charter will be in line with the EU Green Deal and handed over to the cabinet of Frans Timmermans in cooperation with CER (The Voice of European Railways). Our aim is to run trials with the Artist Interrail Pass in summer 2022 as part of the extended Year Of The Rail and expand our efforts from there onwards.