Greener Touring


The Green rider* is the start of the race to the top and stimulates more eco-friendly initiatives in the music industry. UIMA (United Independent Music Agencies) works towards a more sustainable future, where we all work together to decrease our ecological footprint. Major steps can be taken when we reduce flying, eat differently, waste less and use green energy.

More than 1000 acts, represented by UIMA in Europe and worldwide, play over 15,000 shows yearly and take 18,400 flights in doing so. Of these flights, 7,500 are less than 750 km in distance and have the potential to be replaced by greener alternatives like the train. By making this choice, UIMA-artists can reduce their CO2-emissions by 80% per travelled kilometer and this will result in a 10% reduction of the total flight emissions compared to 2019.

Not only will the implementation of the Green rider help artists reduce their footprint, but it also states alternatives for promoters, venues and festivals to steer towards a greener future. The focus is on re-usability (no single use items), zero waste, green energy and favoring plant-based diets.

UIMA will gladly welcome all artists and agencies, from the Netherlands and abroad to join this initiative, deepen it and propel it towards a cleaner future for us all.

The Green rider is part of the Green Charter that is being developed by UIMA at this moment. It focuses on the entirety of the industry from top to bottom. From cloud services on green server parks to an EU-artist pass** modelled on the successful Interrail pass where generations of youngsters found themselves training through Europe.

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* A rider is a list of requirements for artists to perform. Next to technical tools (ie amplifiers, instruments, lights) the artist requires transportation, accommodation and food and drinks. The Green rider can be found on

** For a set amount free travel throughout Europe on a strong international train network.